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Joint Reconstruction

The orthopedic surgeon is charged with providing a broad range of orthopedic surgical interventions. This care must be delivered in accordance with State and Federal policy and meet organizational and community standards which pertains to both to outpatients and inpatients. The surgeon must function as a collegial member with the entire staff.

Duties and responsibilities of the orthopedic surgeon include but not limited to:

* Treating most muscle and skeletal problems including arthritis, congenital deformities, Joint Reconstruction or trauma injuries.

* Providing medical care by performing physical exams, designing treatment and therapeutic plans, and keeping track of patient progress to determine on going healthcare needs.

* Performing joint replacement surgery, treating sports related injuries, and repairing fractures along with using corrective devices such as splints, braces or cast to support bones or to immobilize a fracture.

* Administering invasive and non-invasive treatment to address musculoskeletal problems, to include, but limited to, procedures to reattach tendons, ligaments, and bones.

* Prescribing medications and supplements to reduce pain and strengthen joints.

* Creating post-surgery care plans and recommending lifestyle changes necessary for quick recuperation.

* Monitoring the recovery process of patients to determine the need for changes in treatment plan.

* Assigning tasks to nurses and other healthcare staff.

* Working with organizational managers of the orthopedic department including the physician's assistants, nurses, surgery technicians etc. to ensure everyone is taking part in helping the department to operate smoothly.

* Creating and maintaining a good working relationship with specialists such as the primary care physicians as well as with other potential sources of referrals by providing surgical assistance and consultation to medical doctors and general practitioners.

* Providing BSMH with all billing documentation in a thorough and timely manner for services rendered.